Kindergarten and didactic playroom
The purpose of our centre is to contribute to physical, affective, social and intellectual children’s development, respecting their rights and paying attention to their welfare.
Early Childhood Care Centre
Early Care is understood as a set of optimizing and compensating actions that aim at prevention and intervention in the paediatric population from 0 to 6 years old, as well as to their family and their environment, in order to ...

Jardines de la Pipa 

Jardines de la Pipa S.L. is a very comfortable and familiar centre which intends to achieve the integral development of children encouraging innovative methodologies. Through fondness, affection, stimulation and personal treatment, children will develop their own learning paces, controlling their emotions and recognizing their own feelings. Simultaneously, they are developing autonomy as self-reliant people through their activities. All in all, using a wide range of recreational and motivational activities tailored to the youngest ones.

This centre offers the following services 

Before-school care

They develop different calm activities based on the game.

Socio-educational care

Common activities for Nursery Education curriculum development are carried out.


There is a warm homemade catering with a balanced menu and ecological fruit.

Didactic playroom

Teaching activities promoting entertainment and play according to their mature development are implemented.

Summer school and holiday periods

The centre is open in July and August for children between 4 months and 12 years old.

Electronic calendar

School and classroom announcements in just one click.

and much more…


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“Convenio de colaboración entre la Agencia Pública Andaluza de Educación y el CEI Jardines de la Pipa para el programa de Ayuda a las familias para el fomento de la escolarización en el primer ciclo de la Educación Infantil en Andalucía”